Argentina Documents

These are interesting documents relating to my research on Argentina.

  • These two relate to the build up to the 1966 military coup:

1965 Shaw Meeting – US Department of State airgram recording a dinner in which Alejandro Shaw, General Jorge Shaw, Enrique Puricelli, José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz, and US Ambassador Edwin Martin discuss the possibility of a military coup. From the US National Archives, Record Group 59.

1965 Bank of England Report – Internal note from the Bank of England discussing the possibilities of a military coup in Argentina. The note mentions a trip that General Juan Carlos Onganía was about to make to Europe to discuss the coup with European bankers. From Bank of England Archives, ‘Argentine Secret Papers’, File OV102/222.

  • This relates to the origins of the death squads that operated in Argentina in the 1970s:

1973 CCS Report – US Department of State telegram describing conversations with labour leaders about the formation of anti-terrorist vigilante groups. From the US National Archives, Record Group 59.